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U.S. Immigration
DNA Testing

USCIS accepted
AABB laboratory


Immigration Test is usually requested by USCIS or US Embassy to confirm the biological relationship of 2 or more people for various purposes (eg. Settlement Permits, Travel Visa, Passports or Citizenship Applications).


Immigration DNA Tests require Chain-of-Custody process for results to be admissible as an evidence for the government authorities. The requirements may vary from case to case, therefore we strongly advise you to contact our immigration team in Nigeria at 08102594251 or in USA at +1 (718) 673 6172 (WhatsApp Click-to-Call) to discuss your case prior your appointment day.


Samples are collected by trained and fully certified sample collector or nurse at our facility in Accra or Kumasi and one of our collection sites across USA. Samples will be processed in our AABB accredited laboratory. All tested persons will need to provide national photo ID (passport, voter's ID, birth certificate) and current passport-size photo to be identified.

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