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Internationally accredited DNA testing | more than 99.99% accurate DNA tests | The Dual Process™

Our Dual Process™ ensures that every test result we release is accurate and that our sample handling procedures hold up against rigorous legal examination. In this process, each DNA sample that arrives in the lab is divided in two for independent testing by two teams. At each step, the samples are identified and checked against our records. A staff member signs off at each step. In this way, the samples are tracked and accounted for throughout the process. The raw data produced from the independent tests are reviewed by our laboratory directors to see if the results match. The necessary statistical calculations are then performed in order to answer questions of paternity, identity, and family relationships.

DNA molecule is a building stone for our body and caries entire information about us. The entire DNA information is called Genome. Our body contains many copies of DNA. DNA is included in every part of our body. By collecting the biological sample, such as saliva, hair, blood, nail and many others, we can very accurately identify every individual alive or dead. Hence, using DNA analysis is a great tool to confirm biological relationship between two or more individuals. By comparing the DNA of two or more individuals, we can accurately confirm if two or more individuals are biologically related. This technique is used, for example in DNA Paternity Test, where we compare the DNA of the alleged father and tested child.

Once our DNA laboratory receives your samples, we immediately begin the process of DNA analysis. 

First we need to extract DNA from the samples you have provided. After that the extracted DNA is amplified (isolated DNA is multiplied) using PCR machine.

Amplified DNA undergoes capillary analysis, the most essential step DNA analysis which generates the raw data that is needed for the  statistical calculations that determine the paternity or other biological relationship. Statistical analysis of the data is performed by one of our lab scientists using the special software.

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