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Use of 20 genetic markers increase identification power of our DNA tests by more then 500%

All DNA tests utilizing Short Tandem Repeat (STR) DNA testing technology examine 20 genetic markers instead of 16, which until today has been the core standard in the industry.


With the increase in the number of genetic markers used to create unique DNA profiles, DNA Center Nigeria will remain at the forefront of human relationship testing in Nigeria. The company continues to lead the DNA testing industry by introducing this upgraded capability to its consumer in Nigeria. When submitting cases to us, you'll notice you'll receive more powerfull test detecting 20 genetic markers compared to other provider's 16 marker tests.

Home DNA Test

You will use Home DNA Sample Collection Kit to collect saliva samples at home or we will visit and collect samples for you at your home or office.


Very convenient and simple sample collection

We can also send the kit to you anywhere in Nigeria via courier service, you will collect samples yourself and return them back to us.

DNA Paternity Test

A DNA paternity Test determines whether a tested male is the biological father of a tested child. If you require a paternity test while pregnant please call us at 08102594225 to discuss prenatal testing options.


Mother's sample is not necessary for successful test

Accuracy of Paternity DNA Test is higher than 99.99%

Paternity Test in Pregnancy

This DNA Test confirms paternity during pregnancy from maternal blood. Pregnancy has to be at least 9 weeks old.


Our DNA Test in Pregnancy is Non-invasive, which means sample collection doesn't affect the health of the child or mother.


We will only collect the blood sample from the mother and cheek swab from the alleged father

Immigration DNA Tests

DNA Center Nigeria provides AABB, ISO17025, SCC and NATA  accredited DNA testing for immigration purposes for UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and many other countries worldwide.


Our immigration team will advise you, help you fill the forms and organize the whole process from sample collection to sending the report to your lawyer or immigration authorities

Legal DNA Tests

Legal DNA Tests require Chain-of-Custody process. This means that each step of the process is documented and information traceable, and tested persons' identity verified.

Legal DNA test results are defensible at court of law and can be used for all legal proceedings.


We offer legal DNA Test for establishing Paternity, Siblings and Grandparents.

Family Relationship DNA Tests

DNA Grandparentage Test performed in the absence of an   alleged father, determines the relationship between a child and the parents of the alleged father. This test is used when DNA sample of the alledged father is not available.


DNA Siblings Test determines whether two children share one or both parents.


Also available Avuncular, Y-STR  and mtDNA Tests

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