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Your skin serves many functions for the body, but how your skin looks is fundamental to how you feel!  The key to healthy, youthful skin lies within you.

Beauty is NOT skin deep – the health and appearance of our skin is greatly determined by certain genes in your bodyUnderstanding these skin genes can help you choose the skin care products and treatment best suited for you!  What may be appropriate for one person may not be best for you; stop the guessing and choose what your skin truly needs!

Introducing SkinCare DNA, the skin DNA test that devises your personalised skin care report with recommended skin care products, treatments, and regimens based on your genes.  It starts with a simple swab of your cheek – then send it to our accredited laboratory where our team of experts will analyse 16 genetic markers that influence how your skin looks and feels.

The path to healthy, beautiful skin is knowing how to care for your skin… using Skin Care DNA

What’s Included in Your Comprehensive Report


Are you predisposed to premature wrinkling?


How do your genes support skin damage through the glycation process?


How well do your genetics protect you from the sun?


Do your genes protect you from free radical damage?


How well do your genes protect you from irritation?

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